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Sizing & Measuring Guide

It is very important to measure your case study help online dog correctly to ensure the best and most comfortable fit.


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8.3” or 21cm

12.2” or 31cm

7.9” or 20cm


10.2” or 26cm

15.4” or 39cm

9.8” or 25cm


11.8” or 30cm

17.7” or 45cm

11.8” or 30cm


13.4” or 34cm

20.9” or 53cm

13.8” or 35cm


15.0” or 38cm

23.2” or 59cm

15.7” or 40cm


16.9” or 43cm

26.4” or 67cm

17.7” or 45cm


When measuring your Dog it is best done when the Dog is standing, also, if the dog is between 2 sizes it is often better to choose the larger size.

Measuring for Dog Collars


Using a flexible tape measure*, measure the circumference of your dog’s neck where the collar is normally worn. The tape measure should fit comfortably around the neck without being too lapse or too tight – it should be a snug but a comfortable fit. The measurement you get is the “neck size” to use when ordering collars. Please choose the EXACT CIRCUMFERENCE of your dog’s neck NOT the total length of the collar you require. Approximately 4 inches will be added to the paper writers for hire measurement selected, by us, to accommodate the overlap of the collar. Eg: If you choose a 15” neck measurement, the total length of the collar will be 19”.

(* please note that if you don’t have a flexible tape measure you can use a piece of string/ribbon or similar to measure your dog’s neck and then measure this against a tape/ruler)

Measuring for Dog Clothing


We recommend you choose the size giving the most room. If your dog is broader, has a thick coat or is right at the top of a size, consider going up a size.

Please always take care not to overheat your dog and ensure that you dress them appropriately for the temperature.

Length: Measure from the base of the neck (where the collar would normally sit) to the base of the tail along the dog’s backbone.

Neck: Measure around the neck as you would for a collar (please see above for measuring your dog for a collar).

Chest: Measure right around the body around the deepest part of your dog’s chest, usually just behind the dog’s front legs.

Please note some dog coats will only need the Length measurement when ordering.